Hunter Zane

I'm just an average guy who has a crazy passion for the gym and bodybuilding. It all was influenced from my dad who did a body for life challenge many moons ago. Since then my dad and my mom have always incorporated some sort of physical activity into my life and the life of my siblings.

As I grew I started to have a deep passion for the gym and pursue it on my own. I played football my freshman and sophomore years of high school. That's when I truly started lifting weights. I hated it back then not going to lie. Probably because it was not the best way they taught us to lift.

I also wrestled for all four years of high school. In wrestling when we lifted it was such a different purpose than it was for football. I enjoyed it a lot more. Plus I was really lean so I could actually see all the muscle I was putting on. That's when I started lifting and fell in love with it.

I then graduated from high school and moved onto bigger and better things. I decided to serve a two year mission for my church. I had the opportunity to go to Spain for 2 years and preach there.

Working out was not my main priority and I lost a lot of muscle over their. I lost 30 lbs in the course of that two years. It was unintentional. I had a great "dad bod" by the time I got home.

When I got home I decided to dedicate myself to the gym. I started going 5-6 days a week and experimenting with different workouts and different supplements.

I shot up to 225 lbs within 6 months. Granted a lot of it was muscle so I wasn't feeling bad about myself. It's what I wanted after all.

Now it was time to lean out. I dedicated to doing some intense cardio after my workouts and got down to 204 lbs. I was leaner and bigger than I had ever been. I felt good. To this day I still push it as hard as I can in the gym and I still love every minute of it.

Why do I share this?

I've been there. I know where your at right now. Thoughts of not being big enough. Thoughts of going to the gym and not seeing results. You want to make changes but you don't know how.

I didn't know how either but now I do because I've gone through it. I want to help you, train along side you.

This is my passion and I'm always learning new things. That's what's great about this industry there is an endless amount of information. I'm here to share what I know and what I learn with you.

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