Cellucor Alpha Amino:
Become an Alpha?

Cellucor Alpha AminoHow to Become an Alpha, Take Alpha Amino

Alpha Amino is not your average BCAA supplement. Cellucor went above and beyond in this product especially for you. They included the usual BCAA's isoleucine, leucine, and valine in it but then they added a lot of other amino acids in it. 11 more to be specific.

Now why did it take so long for supplement companies to do this? Unfortunately I do not have an answer for that. I'm glad more supplement companies are doing it now though.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein which in turn are the building blocks of your muscles. Now that they're adding more amino acids in it you're getting a more complete set of building blocks to build complete proteins. Should have been that way from the start but better late than never I guess.


I invested in the watermelon flavor of Alpha Amino. It is extremely great tasting. Have you ever had the sour patch kids watermelon candies? Well imagine grinding that up into a powder and then making it into a drink.

That is exactly how it taste without the sugary aftertaste. It helps me stay motivated during my workout and it gives me something delicious to drink while I'm working out.


As with any supplement it's hard to contribute a certain amount of my gains to that one supplement but I feel that Alpha Amino has helped me in the gym. Keeps me fueled and keeps me going through the entire workout.

I will warn you not to take it on an empty stomach. For some reason as of recent I've taken it on a near empty stomach and I felt like throwing up at the gym and I felt weaker. I don't know if it's from this or from my preworkout but I know it did not help me feel better.


This is a cheaper supplement than most. It comes out to be less than a dollar per serving so you're getting good value when purchasing it. It's not going to break your bank and it could help you push through those tough work outs in the gym.

Become an Alpha with Alpha Amino?

Should you invest in it? I don't see why not. It taste good, works great (if you take it right), and it's not going to break the bank. Buy it! Although it's not absolutely necessary it can really help you on your journey to Gainsville!

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