Animal Whey:
Will it Make You an Animal in the Gym?

Animal Whey Isolate Protein Post WorkoutAnimal Whey: How much of an animal do you want to become???

Animal Whey is your basic whey isolate protein powder meant to be used post workout because it's quick digesting and gets to your muscles faster.  How does it hold up to the rest of the proteins out there on the market? Only one way to find out.


Let's start off with the most important things most people look for in a protein powder, taste. We all want something that taste good going down and is good for us. I tried the brownie batter flavor and was impressed with it.

I was not blown away by it but it was good enough where I did not have to choke it down every time after a workout. I would give it a 7/10 for taste so not bad but definitely not the best.


The next important thing is how it actually performs. Now as with all supplements it's hard to tell what contribution each supplement is making to your gains. I cannot say that this protein allowed me to put on 5 more pounds of muscle.

What I can say is how it made me feel. It was fairly easy on the stomach as far as protein goes. Since protein is harder to digest it's just a fact that it's going to be a little rough on your stomach and that's something you'll have to accept.

It's mostly whey protein isolate which means it's quick digesting. Which means it is great for a post workout shake to help the muscles rebuild immediately after a tough workout. Overall it performs good and does everything it says it will.


Another very important factor is how well it mixes. There's nothing worse than mixing a shake and then getting a mouth full of clumpy, crappy, chalky protein. This is not the case with Animal. It mixes smoothly and that's in a shaker cup not a blender. It mixes quickly as well so no need to mix for hours just to get a smooth shake.

It says to mix it with 4-6oz of milk but I mixed it with 8oz of water because I'm lactose intolerant. It mixed good with the water and was just the right consistency.


Animal whey is you're average priced protein. It's not going to break your bank but it's also not the best deal out there. You're getting what you pay for with this protein.

Become an Animal?

Should you spend the money on it? I say go for it! It's a good protein if you're just starting out or are an avid lifter. It will do your muscles good and will allow you to become an ANIMAL!!! Let me know what you think yourself!!

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