Benefits of Jump Rope: The One Piece of Equipment You Need

benefits of jump ropeThe benefits of jump rope are endless and can seriously step your gym experience up to the next level

The benefits of jump rope are truly endless. I am a firm believer that the jump rope is the secret to fitness and the secret to happiness. Mostly kidding about the second one but the truth is that there are so many positive consequences from jumping rope everyday, I don't know why more people do it. Wait. I know exactly why most people don't do it. It's hard. At first.

I've been jumping rope 6 days a week for the past year and I have seen phenomenal results as far weight loss, coordination and overall speed goes. At first I was terrible and could barely get to jumps in a row. It was a long process to get to where I am at today but it has been more than worth it. That's why I suggest to anyone trying to lose weight, or look for a fun cardio alternative I lead them straight to the jump rope.

So let's get into the benefits of jump rope!!

Best Way to Lose Weight

They say that one of the benefits of jump rope is that it burns upwards of 1000 calories per hour. That is very impressive when compared to running which only burns around 600 calories an hour. Now obviously that is going to differ from person to person, and it depends on the intensity of the activities.

I have been doing jump rope for some time now and I give it credit for a lot of the weight I have lost in the past year. The reason it burns so many calories is because your whole body is involved in the process of jumping rope. You use your legs to jump, your core to keep your torso rigid, and your arms to spin the rope. This will also help you tone your whole body, so while you are getting leaner you are also building muscle.

Increased Coordination

Anyone who has tried jump rope knows that at first it is hard to time when to jump off the ground, clear the rope and then do it all over again a split second later. That's why when you keep working at it you have to focus more causing your brain to be more aware of where your body is at (i.e. your feet) and where objects are at (i.e. the rope). This will increase your mind to muscle connection! Especially when you start doing different jumps and tricks it's only going to increase your coordination.

Increased Speed/Agility

I use to be the slowest person on every sport I participated in and relied mostly on my strength rather than my speed to win. I am a wrestling coach and ever since I've started jumping rope I've noticed that I am a lot quicker and a lot lighter on my feet. It is due to that when you're jumping rope your constantly working the fast twitch muscles in your calves which will help you increase your footwork. I would strongly suggest to those who are looking to increase their footwork speed look into doing jump rope every day.

Increases the Intensity of any Workout

If you only lift weights and are looking for a way to get cardio in without dedicating a chunk of time to it, add in jump rope in between sets or in between lifts. Jump for about 2 minutes and then go into your next set or lift and you'll be sure to get a lot more intense of a workout. By the end you'll be sweating bullets! This will only cause you to burn more calories and get more out of your workouts without sacrificing more time. That's why this is one of the best benefits of jump rope, it can take a mediocre workout to very intense!

The Anytime, Anyplace Workout

One huge benefit of jump rope is it requires almost no room and you can literally take it anywhere. Now there's no excuse to get a workout in wherever you are! Combine it with some push ups, pull ups, or sit ups and you just got a killer workout at your house, or at the park or wherever you may be. You can travel with it on business trips or on vacation and won't have to sacrifice your health on such trips.

Benefits of Jump Rope

As you can tell the jump rope has a lot to offer and a lot of people take it for granted because it's hard. The truth is you just need to be consistent and persistent with it and then you will see results and you will be jumping rope like Rocky in no time. The benefits of jump rope are endless and I have listed 5 of the most important that apply to you.

If you're looking for a specific workout that you can do check out my jump rope workout and try it for yourself. I always do it at the end of my workout after lifting weights and I love doing it! Just stick with it and give it your all every time you jump rope.

If you want to purchase a jump rope of your own check out some of the ones below! They're all great jump ropes for their price and will help you reach your goals whatever they may be!

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