Best Muscle Building Protein:
Whey Isolate

best muscle building protein whey isolateThere is a best muscle building protein out there. Which one is it?

Everyone's looking for the best muscle building protein, the one that's going to have you put on 3 inches of muscle on your arms. Where is it? What foods can it be found in? What brand sells it? What makes it the best?

All those questions will be answered and more in the following article. You must first understand how building muscle works and then we can get into what will protein will make your muscles grow. Don't worry I'm not going to go too much into the science of it.

The Building of Muscle

When you lift weights you are actually putting microscopic tears in your muscle cells. That's why you feel sore a couple days after lifting weights. I know what you're thinking, how does tearing your muscle cells make them grow bigger. The answer lies in the recovery of those muscle fibers.

When you're body heals those microscopic tears in your muscles they actually grow bigger and stronger. That's how putting on size works for bodybuilders. It's the constant tearing and repairing of muscle fibers and cells. The cells need certain nutrients to rebuild, the most important one being protein. Our uses the protein that we eat to rebuild the muscle fibers that have been torn.

There is the quickest and most simple explanation of building muscle I can offer. Now how do you get the fibers to rebuild quicker and what protein is the best for this process?

Whey Isolate Best Muscle Building Protein

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Yup you guessed it, whey isolate is the best muscle building protein. Why though? Wasn't whey concentrate the big thing a little bit ago? How does the concentrate differ from the isolate? Great questions.

Whey isolate is different because it is the more filtered version of whey concentrate. What does that mean? That means your body does not have to digest it as much as it does the whey concentrate. Why does that matter? That means it's getting to your muscles quicker. Which means you will put on muscle quicker the faster you can get your muscles to repair themselves.

Can you see why whey isolate is the best? Not only is it the fastest digesting, but because it's filtered it's virtually lactose, carbohydrate and fat free. You're getting pure protein when you take whey isolate. It's easier on your stomach than all the other proteins out there.

Where to Get Whey Isolate

Fortunately for you whey isolate is virtually sold by all supplement companies. It's also fairly cheap so you don't need to worry about breaking the bank to invest in. I will put links below of where you can buy the best muscle building protein out there. Honestly what brand you buy from will not make a huge difference so pick one that sounds good to you and try it out! My personal favorite is Dymatize ISO100! Let me know what your favorite is!

If you'd like a visual of this instead of reading it check out my YouTube video on the subject! Link right here.

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