The Best Protein Shake for You

best protein shakeThe best protein shake all depends on what you're looking to get out of it!

I know you're looking for me to say the best protein shake is this one brand and it will solve all your problems. It will help you gain weight and put on muscle but at the same time it will help you lose weight and get cut without losing weight. Then on an entirely different level it's a post workout and a meal replacement with slow digesting protein.

Unfortunately that is not the case. Now there are protein powders out there that have different forms of protein that range from slow digesting to fast digesting but I believe a protein powder should specialize in one or the other in order to set it's self apart from the rest. That's why it depends on your goals to decide what is the best protein shake for you.

Gain Weight/Put on Muscle

For this goal you're going to need a weight gainer protein powder that is going to give you plenty of calories and plenty of protein to feed your muscles after a workout or to replace a meal. You're muscles require a lot of protein to repair and if you want to grow you're going to need to be in a calorie surplus. I know a lot of guys who have skinny man genetics complain of not being able to put on weight. Weight gainers help because they help you get in a ridiculous amount of calories and protein in one sitting and they can really help out.

That's why a weight gainer protein is the best protein shake if you're trying to put on some serious muscle or size. Check out some of the options at below and pick one that catches your fancy. Plus you'll be helping me out if you buy from them.


When you just finish a grueling workout your muscles are thirsting for protein to start repairing themselves. That's when you need to get a protein to them as quick as possible. This is where a whey isolate protein powder comes in handy. It's one of the fasting digesting proteins out there on the market and will ensure that your muscles are getting that protein as quick as possible to get those gains! Throw in some carbohydrates as well and it will only speed up the process.

Supplementing with a whey isolate will help you recover quicker which means you can hit it harder at the gym more often! Which means you'll be getting bigger quicker! Win win situation! Check out the link below for the top whey isolate protein powders on the market right now. All of them are great brands so one of them will definitely be the best protein shake for you!

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Meal Replacement/Night Time Snack

Now when you know it's going to be a long time in between your next meals or it's right before bed you're going to want a slow digesting protein that is going to supply your muscles with what they need through out the whole period of you not eating. This is where a normal whey concentrate or a casein protein can come in handy. They're both slower digesting which means they stay in your body longer and supply you for a longer time. Which is perfect in between meals or right before bed time.

Supplementing with one of these types of protein while eating right and having great workouts will ensure that you are seeing true gains! Check out the links below for the top casein proteins and the top whey proteins according to As usual they only supply you with the top brands so pick one and it will be sure to supply you with what you need. Find you're favorite and you've just found the best protein shake for you!

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The Truth Behind the Best Protein Shake

There is no one size fits all and unfortunately there is not one that stands out way above the rest. It all depends on your goals and what you're looking to get out of your protein. The important part is that you pick a shake based on what you're trying to accomplish and then work hard in the gym, eat right, and then you will see results.

The degree of difference between protein brands is very small so you can't really go wrong. Now there are some that are awful tasting or mix terribly but for the most part you're going to get a good product. The links I have provided on this page will allow you to see which are the best in category so check them out and find what is the best protein shake for you!

If you want my personal recommendations I've included amazon links below of my favorite protein powders that I have personally tried. Some are whey isolates, others are casein so take into account what I've said above and pick one based on your goals!

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