Bodybuilding Bulking Diet:
A Dangerous Journey

How is a bodybuilding bulking diet a dangerous journey? Because most guys who start bulking never stop. It's so much easier to eat what you want and as much as you want and call it a bulk. If you're not careful you may end up looking like this guy.

bodybuilding bulking diet fat guyDon't become this guy when bulking

The reality is that bulking is a lot more than just eating whatever you want and a lot of it. You need to eat a lot, yes but of the right foods. It's not the same to eat a ton of hamburgers as it is to eat a ton of grilled chicken.

Here's what you need to know.


They say you should eat one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. So I weight 220 lbs that means I need to eat 220 grams of protein per day. That's a lot. I need to do better in this.

It is hard to do but it is possible through protein shakes and eating high protein foods such as eggs, chicken, and beef.


Most people only think about protein when it comes to a bodybuilding bulking diet but the truth is carbohydrates are just as important. These are going to give you the fuel to push it hard in the gym.

So eat up. Always have a lot of carbs with your protein. Make sure they are good carbs though. Don't be eating fried food like french fries or fried chicken because those will not give you what you need.

Rice and Pasta are great sources of carbs when you're bulking. Eat them with every meal and you will be seeing some real gains in no time.

Don't stress over brown rice or white rice. They say brown rice is healthier but it won't make that much of a difference in the end.

Fruits and Veggies

I really have no room to talk about these because I don't eat them that often. I need to do better, not going to lie to you.

They are important though so I'll do better if you try to incorporate them into your meals as well.


In general fats are never good. Not even in a bodybuilding bulking diet. With that said they are inevitable so don't worry too much. Just try not to eat foods that are very high in fat.

This means don't eat a lot of junk food and a lot of fried food. Although you're bulking doesn't give you the excuse to eat these foods. With that said it is more lenient so you can indulge a little more often than if you were cutting.

Bodybuilding Bulking Diet Wrap Up

The basics are high protein, high carbs, low fats. I don't measure it out each day and I never will. Just make sure to get enough. You can spend your time more wisely by not wasting it making sure you're getting exactly enough protein.

Let me know what works best for you when bulking in the comments section of this page and then share it with your friends!!

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