Bodybuilding Diets: Maintaining - The Endless Battle

bodybuilding dietsMaintaining is all about finding the perfect balance between nutrition and training. Easier said than done!

As far as all the bodybuilding diets out there go, maintaining is definitely the most difficult to do. At least in my opinion. I feel like it is easier to go to the extreme of either end than it is to maintain your current physique.

That's why I usually preach about either bulking or cutting and just being on a roller coaster ride between the two.

I recognize that not everyone is like me though. Some people are happy with where they're at and want to stay there. It's tricky but it is possible.

The Secrets of Maintaining

So technically to maintain you need to consume as many calories as you burn so they are equal. This is very challenging to do because the amount of calories you will burn will differ from day to day and the amount of calories you eat will also differ.

It's basically like trying to hit a moving target. That's what makes it so challenging. Not impossible though.

I would definitely still concentrate on eating high protein foods. Carbs I would keep at a moderate level and still eat low fats.

It's a lot easier said then done to be honest. For me I don't usually try to maintain, I'm either cutting or bulking up just because I constantly want to improve in some way.

The Truth Behind Bodybuilding Diets: Maintaining

Most likely you will not be able to completely maintain the physique you have when you were cutting or bulking. You will most likely gain a little bit of weight and not be as lean if you were cutting. If you were bulking you might lose a little bit of muscle and energy.

This is perfectly fine and normal so do not worry. It's hard for your body to be kept at either end of the extremes. You will run yourself into the ground if you try to do so.

So What Do You Need To Do?

Maintaining bodybuilding diets are simple because you keep doing things pretty much the same way as before. Maybe adjust your carbs a little bit so you're eating a more moderate amount rather than a ton or a little.

Your lifting will change a little bit as well. Instead of trying to high weight with low reps you're going to want to up the reps and lower the weight just a little bit. Go for the 10-13 rep range on each set rather than the 6-10 rep range.

Your cardio as well will be subject to change. You most likely won't have to do as much. Which is the good news. Instead of doing it every workout I would do it half the time.

In the end maintaining is difficult to do but it is very much possible! Let me know some of techniques you have seen that work when maintaining in the comments section below! Then share it with your friends!!

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