Bodybuilding Equipment:
The Bare Minimum

Obviously you can spend an endless amount of money when investing in bodybuilding equipment but what do you really need?

The best answer is just a membership to a gym. They have everything you need and the great part is you don't have to worry about up keep on it and where to store it. The downside is you have to share it with a bunch of people.

So you want to invest in your own equipment so that you can create a small home gym. Great idea! I personally am going to do this eventually when I have the funds and the space to do it.

Here's the top 5 bodybuilding equipment you must invest in first.

45lb Barbell

This is the most versatile tool in the gym. You can do an endless number of lifts with it.

Pair this with some weight plates of differing weights and you will be able to workout your entire body no problem! You'll get a full on bodybuilding workout right in the comfort of your own home!

Squat Rack

This is a big piece of equipment but if you have the space and money to get one then do it! This will only step up your game even farther.

Make sure to get one with adjustable racks because from here you can do many exercises such as squats, bench, incline bench, shoulder press and many more.

There are some that come with pull up bars or handles that are also very helpful.

bodybuilding equipment squat rackSquat Racks are expensive but they sure are worth the money if you have it!


Get a workout bench so that you can utilize it in your workouts. Now you'll be able to do bench and many other things that before weren't possible!

You're home gym is almost nearly complete and were only half way through the list!

Adjustable Bench

This bench usually can adjust from 30 degrees to a 90 degree angle which is amazing. Now you can work on that upper chest that is lacking and do some seated shoulder press.

There is an endless number of lifts you can do with this bench and it is a must have as far as bodybuilding equipment goes.


bodybuilding equipment dumbbellsdumbbells are a great tool in your bodybuilding equipment toolbox!

Invest in some that are going to challenge you but not too heavy. Also you don't need to go to light on these. They'll be a waste of money and you will never use them if they're too light.

Find a good weight range I'd say from 15-45 is a good weight to start off with. They're not cheap but if you have the resources I would say invest.

Bodybuilding Equipment Take Away

You don't absolutely need all of these to start off with. Invest in 3 of any of these and you will be getting phenomenal workouts at home with no crowds. It's so much easier to go to the gym when you're already there because your home is the gym!

Let me know some of your favorite gym equipment and what you think the essentials are in the comments below!!

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