Bodybuilding Food: The Necessities

I will start by saying not all bodybuilding food is created equal. What you eat has a huge effect on you. A lot bigger of an effect than one may originally think.

Food is like fuel for a car. If you want your car to run well you need to put in the right kind of fuel and good quality fuel. You can't be putting garbage in your car and expect it to run well.

It's the same with your body. Think of your body as a machine and in order to keep that machine running you need to put the best kind of fuel in it and the right quantities.

As always it's easier said than done. Especially now we see that fast food is everywhere and it's so much easier to go through the drive thru than it is to cook a decent meal.

Here's the bodybuilding foods you need to know about. I'm going to divide it into two categories: Proteins and Carbs.


bodybuilding food proteinThere are so many healthier options when it comes to protein!

Not all protein is created equal. There's lean protein, fatty protein, and everything in between. I would stick to lean protein. It just sounds better.

Some great sources of lean protein are chicken, fish, turkey meat, and basically and white meat with low fat content. It's also the cheaper of the proteins.

Red meat tends to be a little higher in fat content but you can by the lean options. I would not red meat as often because it's not as "healthy" as white meat. Now it's not going to kill you but maybe once or twice a week you can indulge with a nice steak or some lean ground beef.

Fish is always a great source of protein because it's lean and very healthy for you. People don't usually eat a ton of fish so it's always good to try and eat a little bit more because of the benefits of it.


Carbs are basically your fuel source when it comes to bodybuilding food. Yes it makes a huge difference as to the type of carbs you eat. French fries do not hold the same carbs as brown rice does. One will have you feeling good and the other will make you regret eating them.

I stick to rice over pasta a majority of the time. Whether you want to eat brown rice or white rice is up to you. Brown rice is "healthier" but the difference between the two isn't extreme so it will be hard to tell the difference of how you feel when you eat it.

Pasta isn't terrible for you and it's a good way to get those carbs in for when you're bulking up. There's always whole grain options for pasta which is what I try to go with.

Bread can be your enemy! Bread is so good that we sometimes get carried away with how much we eat. I get whole grain bread instead of white. It's better for you even though it may not taste as good as white processed bread.

Results of Good Bodybuilding Food

The results you will see from eating these options instead of fast food will be drastic. You will have more energy and you will feel better overall.

You will be leaner and stronger! Who doesn't want that?? I've started eating these healthier options of proteins and carbs and I have never felt better!

Tell me some of you favorite proteins and carbs that you eat when you bodybuilding! Share in the comments section below!

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