Bodybuilding Protein Powder

bodybuilding proteinBodybuilding Protein comes in so many different forms it's hard to know which and how to take it.

There's a lot of bodybuilding protein powders out there that all claim to be the best but who can you trust??

What is the point of protein powder when you can get more than enough protein from eating right?

The truth is that protein powder is more convenient and quicker than cooking a full meal sometimes. As well it's good as a snack to hold you over until your next meal.

So how do you know which protein to buy or which brand? That's where I can help. Go over to my protein shakes page where I talk about the different types of proteins and I actually do reviews of specific brands.

I do this so that you know what works best, taste good, and is the best priced. From there you can make a decision on which one you want to invest in. Follow the link below for more information on protein shakes.

Why Protein Shakes?

How Often Should I Take Protein?

You need a lot of protein in order for you to put on some serious muscle. It's recommended that you get about 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Which means someone like me who weighs 215 lbs has to eat at least 215 g of protein per day. Which is a ton, and very hard to do.

I'm not going to lie I probably do not reach that every day. I try to get as close as possible but some days it's just hard to do. That's where protein shakes come in handy. I usually take 2 shakes a day.

One post workout and then one casein protein shake right before bed. That gives me a quarter of my protein needs for the day. All the other protein I get is from natural food such as chicken, lean ground turkey meat, eggs, etc.

You should at least be drinking one shake immediately after your workout. That's the minimum but past that you can drink as many as you want. Now I would not solely rely on bodybuilding protein powder for all your protein needs but 2 sometimes 3 shakes spread through out the day is not a bad idea or the worst for you.

The Truth of Bodybuilding Protein

It's hard to tell what is actually causing you to gain muscle. That's why it's so much more than finding the right protein powder. You need to find the right protein powder, set up the right routine, eat the right foods, and work out frequently and then you will see results.

I wouldn't worry too much about what bodybuilding protein you're taking. It is just a supplement after all. It's only suppose to supplement a little bit of the protein you're not getting through your diet.

With that, experiment yourself and tell me what you have come across, and what experiences you've had with all the protein powders out there!

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