The One Bodybuilding Supplement to Rule Them All

The One bodybuilding supplement to rule them allWhat separates this bodybuilding supplement from the rest?

What separates one bodybuilding supplement from another? That is a great question. Now a days it's getting harder to see which supplements are actually working and which ones are just a bunch of fluff you're wasting money on.

I'm going to narrow it down to the one (that's right, just one) supplement you need to have on hand if you're serious about bodybuilding. You can take others but this is the one that comes before the rest of them and this is the one that takes priority above all.

Drum roll, please!

It's whey protein isolate! It's not just whey protein, or just any type of protein powder but it is specifically whey protein isolate. I will explain the reasoning behind this in a very understandable way. On the side though, who thought I was going to say steroids?

Why Whey Protein Isolate?

Why did I choose this as the one bodybuilding supplement to rule them all? First of all, it's "natural." What does that even mean anymore? Basically it's not steroids and it's not going to mess with your hormones. It's safe to take in other words.

Second, it's close to the purest form or protein. It's virtually carbohydrate and fat free. Not only that but it has no lactose which means no upset stomach or gas after taking it.

Third, it's super quick to take and very little is involved when it comes to preparing it for you post workout.

Lastly, when you breakdown your muscles from lifting you need protein to build them back up. This is done with protein. The truth is a lot of people don't realize how much protein they actually need to put on some serious size. That's why supplementing with the purest form of protein will help you get those gains you want!

For some more information on the best protein powder out and where to buy it click here. You will not regret it.

How to Properly Use

There's not too much to this bodybuilding supplement. You just buy from a brand you like (I'll let you know my suggestions shortly), mix it with water, or milk or whatever you want really, and then you consume it. Couldn't get any more simple than that.

The best time to take it is right after your workout, when your muscles are craving for protein. They'll suck up all those nutrients right away. Since whey isolate is very quick digesting it will get to your muscles right away.

The Best Bodybuilding Supplement and Which to Buy

So you now know that whey protein isolate is the best but that narrows it down to hundreds of different companies that all produce it. Which should you buy?

Best Muscle Building Protein

That link will help you get a little more info on whey isolate and help you figure out which to buy. Personally I'm a fan of the Dymatize product but you need to find out which works best for you. My protein review page could also be a useful tool if you want to figure out which to purchase!

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