InZane Bodybuilding Videos

I know that a lot of people are visual learners and that bodybuilding videos would go a long way. That's why I have started up a YouTube channel to bring you the best in reviews and workouts. I myself am a visual learner so I wanted to create a YouTube so that you can have all your questions and curiosities answered on screen with me in person.

Supplement Reviews

The biggest part of the bodybuilding videos will be supplement reviews. I think the supplement industry is so saturated that it's hard to tell what supplements actually work and which ones are just a waste of money.

I'll try to bring you a new supplement review every week because I think that getting a personal review on supplements are super important. I want to give you the opportunity to have an un-bias opinion about certain supplements.

I'll cover certain topics every time with the supplements I review. I'll talk about how it tastes, how the texture is, how it performs and how the price is compared to the other supplements of the same kind. I'll be reviewing protein powder, pre-workout, and BCAA's mostly because those are the most commonly used supplements on the market right now.

Click the links below to go to my youtube channel and as always make sure to like the video and subscribe so you know when I post a new video!

The Truth Behind Supplements

Supplement companies are popping up everywhere! How do we know if they're working? Should you take them?? Is it worth the money??? So many questions and only 9 min to answer them! Check out the video!

Top 3 Supplements to Take

We all know that yesterday I made a video saying supplements aren't necessary. But it is also known that we're gonna blow that off and continue taking supplements. Might as well take the ones that are actually going to do something for you. Here's my top 3 and a 4th if you want it!

Supplement Review YouTube Videos

Preworkout that the Pros use? Pro Pre Review

Optimum Nutrition made an optimum pre-workout with Pro Pre. Absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone looking for a moderately strong pre-workout. Check it out in the link below!

BPI Sports ISO HD Cheapest Protein on the Market?

First impression and opening of BPI Sports ISO HD S'mores flavor! Super cheap protein but are you getting what you pay for?

Evlution Nutrition BCAA5000 The Best BCAA's

BCAA5000 is a great product for a great price. Find out why here.

Kaged Muscle Pre Kaged: Most Over Priced Pre Workout

Pre-Kaged should perform a little bit better considering the amount of ingredients in it. Instead you get a pre workout that works just as well as any other pre workout but it's twice the price.

Redcon1 Total War Review

Short Review on Redcon1 Total War. Amazing pre-workout that will give you a ton of energy and a good pump! not a huge fan of the flavor but I am a huge fan of everything else about it

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Whey Plus Isolate Gold First Impression/Review

Trying out Muscletech's whey isolate protein Nitro Tech for the first time and giving you the unbias first impression! Watch to find out what I think.

Workout Bodybuilding Videos

Another major part I would like to include is workout bodybuilding videos. They will be tutorials on how to do certain lifts or certain weight lifting workouts.  It's easier to learn when you can visually see what's going on so I want to bring that to you on my YouTube channel. I have not started doing them yet so they will not be up at the moment but I do plan to do them in the near future.

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