Casein Protein: Why You Should Take It

Casein ProteinCasein protein is one of those supplements that you don't absolutely need but if you take it, it will help you out a ton!!

Casein protein is another form of protein that has different properties and has different effects than whey protein. I'm going to start off by saying that casein does not replace whey protein in any way, shape or form. It is simply another supplement that can really step up your game in making gains. To use it effectively you must know it's properties first and how it works. If you'd just like to cut to the chase and want to know the top casein proteins out there follow the link below but if you want the full deets, read on my friends!

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What is Casein Protein and How Does it Work?

Casein is found in all mammals milk. In fact from cows milk about 80% of it is comprised of casein protein. It's similar to whey in the essential and non essential amino acids that it contains but the main difference between when and casein the way it is processed and digested in the body. Which is mainly what you need to know to supplement with casein effectively.

Casein protein is a very slow digesting protein that stays in your body longer than whey protein does. Whey protein is great for post workout because your muscles need those quick nutrients but that's not always the case. For every other time you need to take protein you should want to take a slower digesting protein that will stay in your body longer. That is where Casein comes in.

Best Times to Supplement with Casein?

We've ruled out that post workout you should take a fast digesting protein such as whey isolate so what about every other time of the day? That's where casein comes in. There are two ideal times during the day to take casein.

The first one is in between meals. Say it's been a long day and you didn't have time to make all your meals for the day and it's been a while since you last ate. This would be a perfect time to take a casein supplement shake. This will tide you over, as far as hunger goes, and will also keep feeding your muscles the necessary nutrients to recover while you wait for your next meal.

The second time you should take casein is right before bed. If you sleep for 8 hours that's an 8 hour fast of your body not having nutrients. Your muscles could really use that 8 hours to receive nutrients but it's kind of hard to eat in your sleep. Once again casein comes into save the day. Drinking a shake right before bed will allow your muscles to have the necessary nutrients to recover through out the night. This means you are being more efficient with using your time to recover. Sounds like a win win to me.

Realistically it's for anytime when you are going to go for a long time with out food. Supplementing the right way with this stuff can drastically improve your gains!

Which to Buy?

There's so many out there how do you know which to buy?? Well you can visit the link at the top to find the top 10 according to or you can click on the links below to some of my personal favorites. They're all effective you just need to find one that you think taste great and works for you!

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