Creatine for Bodybuilding

Creatine Bodybuilding is a must haveCreatine usually comes in a white powder form and is very effective in bodybuilding

Creatine has a stigma around it. People either swear by it or hate it. That's why it's important you do the research on your own to find out if it's really worth your time and money.

Lucky for you, I did the research for you. Yes I think it's worth your time and money. That's the short answer.

If you'd like to know why, read on!

Creatine. What is it?

Is it a drug? Maybe a steroid? It's actually something found naturally in the body and in some foods we eat, such as eggs, meat and fish. That's a good sign. That means you're not adding some foreign substance to your body that it hasn't already seen.

Since I'm not a scientist I won't pretend to be and I will keep everything simple. Creatine is basically provides an energy source to our cells.

Sounds like a good thing and it is! I don't know why there is all this negative talk about it.

Another thing it does is draws water to your muscle cells. That's why you must drink lots of water when you are supplementing with bodybuilding creatine.

I think it is a staple in any stack if you want to be a bodybuilder.

Benefits of Bodybuilding Creatine

You will see strength gains when you start taking creatine. As well you will see muscle gains. As well there are other systems of your body that it will help

These both sound very good to me. Out of all the test they've done they seem to only find good things that come from it.

Downsides of Creatine

I'm having a hard time of finding any. The only ones I've found come from when you don't take bodybuilding creatine properly.

You must take it with plenty of water or you will experience cramping, dehydration and other unpleasant things. If you do experience these than you're probably not drinking enough water. Just up your intake of water and you should be good.

Most Popular Creatine

Creatine Monohydrate is the most popular form of the supplement out there. It's quick and easy. It's also very cheap so that's why a lot of people take it. Follow the link below for more info and to find out which brands are best when it comes to creatine!

Creatine: Why it's a Staple in any Stack

That's why you should take it. You will only see benefits from supplementing with it. It's not going to break your bank and you will see some major results when you combine it with hard work and a good diet.

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