Dymatize Elite Casein:
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dymatize elite caseinDymatize Elite Casein is top notch when it comes to performance!

Dymatize Elite Casein is a great choice when it comes to casein proteins. For those who don't know, casein protein is a slow digesting protein, which means it's good for taking right before bed so that your body is supplied with protein through out the night. This will help you body recover quicker through out the night so that you're ready to hit the gym hard again the next day.

Now taking casein protein is not an absolute must, but if you can afford it and are killing it in the gym, it will help you out considerably. Dymatize makes a great casein protein that I have grown very fond of.

Taste and Mixability

As far as taste goes, it's not the best. When I say it's not the best I mean it doesn't really taste like what it says the flavor is. I got Dymatize Elite Casein Cinnamon Bunl flavor and it just doesn't taste like what I expected when I got Cinnamon Bun.

With that said it does not taste bad. It just taste like an okay protein shake that you don't have to choke down which is a plus in my book.

I've noticed that with Dymatize protein products that they mix really well. Their casein protein is not an exception. It mixes very easily. There's absolutely no clumps and it is very smooth going down.

Dymatize Elite Casein Performance

I really like the Elite Casein because I usually get pretty hungry before bed and it gives me the opportunity to eat something healthy and filling. It gives me all the proper nutrients that I need so that my muscles can recover over the night time when I am sleeping.

I usually supplement with Casein 3-4 times a week so it's definitely not something I'm taking every day. Could you take it every day if you wanted? Yes you could but I doesn't always feel like I need something to eat right before bed so I choose sometimes to skip out on it.

I've noticed that I have better workouts the next morning after having taken Elite Casein the night before. I'm not as hungry the following workout since I wake up right away and go to the gym so I generally workout on an empty stomach. Elite Casein allows me to have sufficient energy through out my entire workout even though it's been about 8 hours since I last drank it.

With 25g of protein and 5.4g of BCAA's it definitely gives your muscles the nutrients they need to recover through out the night.

Should You Buy?

It's not an absolute necessity but if you have the extra funds and are serious about going to the gym at least 5 times a week I would say buying Dymatize Elite Casein would benefit you greatly! It's not super expensive and it will help you improve your body dramatically if your supplementing it right and if you are going to the gym consistently.

Try it out for yourself! Let me know what you think!

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