Home Work Equipment:
Make Do With What You Got

home workout equipmentHome Workout Equipment is as simple as a back pack with books and a jump rope

Home workout equipment isn't about having a full gym setup in your garage with millions of machines but it's about how creative you can get with what you have laying around the house. It really doesn't take much to get an effective workout. You won't be able to load on a bunch of weight like at the gym but you will for sure be able to feel the burn you once felt when gyms were still open.

I'm going to go over just a few of the things I use in my house for equipment that you will most likely have as well. There is only one piece equipment that you may not have but I will provide a link to it below.

Backpack and Books

The first piece of home gym equipment that is a game changer is a back pack. The second is books. Now if you're a college student like me then you for sure have heavy textbooks that you don't use for studying but now you'll have an excuse to use them to grow physically instead of mentally! Now that's smart.

I fill that backpack up with as many books is necessary and now I have a dumbbell/barbell. Granted it's not super heavy but it gets the job done. I can do curls, tricep extensions, shoulder press, lateral delt raises, rows, and many more exercises with it. I can also throw it on my back and use it as a weighted vest.

This morning I found some rocks in my back yard and threw them in a plastic bag and then threw that bag in the backpack with the books. Increasing the weight with stuff I find around the house or even outside the house!

Honestly any duffel bag or any sort of grocery bag or really anything you can load weight with works. It's your job to get creative.

Jump Rope

Jump rope for me is another necessity when it comes to home workout equipment. It is basically a full body workout and a great cardio workout. I use it everyday and it feels good.

It's small, stores easily, inexpensive and effective. It basically checks all the boxes and is my favorite. I realize most people don't have one laying around or they might be scared to try it because it is pretty hard and punishing at first. Do not worry if I can learn it that means you can too.

Here is a link to amazon for the exact jump rope I have! It will help me out financially if you buy it using this link! But really it's super inexpensive but it is a really nice jump rope that will bump up your home workouts to the next level!

Pull-Up Bar

The final piece of equipment to make the ultimate home made gym equipment is the pull up bar. Whether it's a ledge in your house, a pull up bar you made yourself, or one of those ones you hang in your door, the pull up bar is effective for building your lats at a time when the gyms are closed.

Working out your back is arguably the hardest muscle to workout from home but a pull up bar changes that completely! I will provide links (I do get a small portion of the proceeds) to buy one that you can just set up in your door frame. Although it is a little more expensive it is very effective and will bump up your home workout game a few levels.

IRON AGE Pull Up Bar for Doorway

Home Workout Equipment: The Truth

The truth is you can make anything your equipment it just depends on how creative you want to get and how dedicated you are to making gains during a pandemic! Above are only 3 simple items that you either already have or can purchase for very cheap. There are no excuses! Being physically health is so important in a time like this! Don't let this quarantine beat you down!

Backpack, books, jump rope, pull up bar and and open space is all the home workout equipment you need to have an effective workout everyday!

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