Home Workout to Survive Pandemics

home workoutYou really can get a good home workout with little to no equipment!

Home workouts are not ideal when it comes to trying to put on muscle but sometimes things happen that force people to stay inside for longer than anyone wants too. *cough* cor***virus *cough*

Anyways it personally has been my worst nightmare that the gym has closed down for me. Not just because I can't gather enough weight in my house to effectively put on some serious muscle but because it was so much of a mental release for me to go to the gym. It has been hard to cope with but I think we will all come out of this stronger on the other end. (Mostly mentally stronger and not physically.)

So below I have created a list of things that you can do in general to still get some good quality muscle pump time during this extended quarantine. Later on in the page, as I update, I will provide links to specific workouts you can do and specific equipment that can be useful during these times.

1. Home Workout Acceptance

The fact is home workouts are not ideal for putting on muscle. That's not to say they cant be effective for staying healthy and motivated. You must accept that you're going to have change your perspective for a brief moment. What does that mean?

That means that you should maybe focus more on cardiovascular endurance during this time or going for really high rep ranges. This could also include challenging yourself to push yourself to the limit even when everything around you is falling apart. See how tough you are! I dare you! You might surprise yourself in the end.

3. Do Something Everyday

One of the hardest things about being inside all day is keeping your sanity. This is why physical activity and health is more important now more than ever. So you never worked out before??? Doesn't matter! No better time to start than now. Just get up and do something.

20 min of body weight exercises is a good start to a home workout but I guarantee after a couple days you're going to want to do more because you are so bored. I am at that point now.

Go for a walk, go for a run, do push ups, get a sweat going! There are so many options and now you have plenty of time on you hands! A little something everyday is going to add up very quickly and you will notice a difference.

3. High Reps Many Sets

The sad truth is that without the gym most people don't have barbells and 1,000 lbs of weight laying around but that is okay. You have your body and for a short time that is sufficient. There's plenty of exercises you can do with just your body. Push-ups, squats, pull-ups (if you have a bar), lunges, planks, etc.

Now just to modify these exercises to become efficient you are going to do many reps and many sets. For example I never do below 100 reps of any exercise when I don't have any weight and I'll try to do it in as few sets as possible. It is going to burn like nothing you've ever felt before because if you're like me, you hardly go above 10 reps on any given exercise.

4. Get Creative

Home workouts can be upgraded with a little creativity and ingenuity. I'm a college student and I have many textbooks that I wasted way too much money on and haven't even opened since the start of the semester. Now they are my WEIGHTS!

They're not super heavy but stack 2 or 3 up on each other and you got a good amount of weight. Throw those in a back pack and the options are endless as to what you can do. Empty milk jugs can be filled with water or sand or rock and BOOM you got yourself some dumbbells. Got a broom stick and some buckets lying around? Well know you got a barbell once you fill those buckets with something heavy.

Point is you can get creative with home workouts. You soon will be working out both your mind and your body. The best of both worlds!

5. Stay Motivated and Don't Give Up

I saved the hardest and the most important one for last. The truth is this sucks and I'm not going to sugar coat it but I am going to find a way to overcome it.

I'm going to challenge myself to get in the best shape with the limited equipment I have. I challenge you to do the same! Stop saying I can't get a good workout when at home, stop making excuses, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and get to work! Push yourself and keep pushing because that's all you can do right now.

Home Workouts For You

Home Workout Equipment: Make Do With What You Got

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