The Ideal Protein

You were probably expecting me to say that the ideal protein is *insert random protein powder here*. The reality is that the most ideal option would be to only get your protein from natural sources such as chicken, beef, and other food sources.

That's ideal but not realistic. It is very hard to do and not very cost effective. Not only that but it's very time consuming having to cook all that protein.

That's where protein powders and protein shakes come in. They may not be the most ideal but they are certainly a good option.

Now that we've cleared the air as to what is the most ideal source of protein, which is from food, we can talk about some other ideal options.

Ideal Protein Powders

Realistically you want something that works and that's cost effective. On the previous page we talked a little bit about the different types of proteins that are available. Everything from Whey to Mass Gainers and everything in between.

Which one is ideal for you depends on what you're going for.

Mass Gainers

mass gainer ideal proteinSerious Mass is one of the most popular mass gainers out there

There are ideal for those trying to put on some serious weight. They're loaded with calories, carbs, and proteins.

It's winter time and you're trying to put on as much muscle before the summer shred. It's hard to get all the calories in that you need to when you're bulking up.

That's where mass gainers come in. It gives you a full meal and then some with each shake you eat so you will definitely see some weight gain when supplementing with these.

Hydrolysate Protein

ideal protein hydrolysateHere's 1 example of an effective hydrolysate protein

This is the ideal protein for the zealot at the gym. This is a more expensive option but you get what you pay for.

If you're dedicated to going to the gym and are consistently going 5-6 days a week then I would certainly invest in this protein. You will see amazing results from doing so.

The way it's made allows it to get to your muscles faster after an intense workout so it's best to take it post workout.

Whey Protein

ideal whey proteinWhey protein is ideal for most people

This is certainly the cheapest and most common option. It is definitely still effective and I would say satisfies the needs of 75% of people.

If you're pretty consistent and go to the gym 3-4 days a week and are working fairly hard than I would invest in this.

It's a lot cheaper and more widely available. It doesn't really matter as to which brand you invest in, at this point it comes down to taste, texture, and how it makes you feel.

So What's the Ideal Protein

"Hunter, you didn't even answer my question." I know, I know I didn't. That's because it's up to you as to what you want to get out of your protein. These are some guidelines you can certainly follow.

It's all about learning and then applying. Hardly anything in life is a straightforward answer.

Find out what is the ideal protein for you and stick with it! I promise by being consistent and working hard you will see results! A great protein will just speed up the process of your growing!!

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