The Secret to Lose Weight

secret to losing weightLosing weight cannot be done with a magic pill or some 6 week program. It requires a little bit more than that.

Most people have had a goal in their life at one point to lose weight but how many have actually completed with that goal? The answer is not many because they are looking for an easy answer and are not willing to put forth the work to lose the weight. This make come across as a hard truth but it is how most people work.

The truth is that losing weight is not done by taking some special pill or doing some super intense 6-week program. Those things will help maybe, but they're not lasting solutions to a constant problem. The answer is simple and you're probably not going to like it and you might even blow it off. Rarely in life do we get the answers we actually want to hear.

Consistency is Key to Lose Weight

The truth is you can't workout once a week and expect to lose weight. You also can't expect to eat one healthy meal and expect weight loss. It's going to take a little more consistency on your part. What does that mean?

That means that most days of the week you are going and working out hard for a good amount of time. This also means that your diet is fairly clean with an exception of maybe a cheat meal or cheat day here and there. Sounds miserable right?

Truth is it's not. First of all you don't need to spend endless hours in the gym doing a bunch of cardio. I never workout for more than 90 minutes. Usually my workouts last around 60 minutes to be honest. With that said I am working out 6 days a week. If you can't workout for 60 minutes each day then do 30 minutes instead. The point is just do something that will get you to burn calories at least 4-5 days per week.

'm also eating clean 90% of the time. That doesn't mean I'm only eat grilled chicken and salad all the time. To me eating clean is eating good wholesome foods. I stay away from fried food, fast food, and junk food and only indulge on those every once in a while. Not only have I lost weight because of this but overall I feel better eliminating those foods and it makes me crave them less because I know how crappy it is going to make me feel after.

I've seen amazing results by being consistent with my workouts and with my diet. I guarantee if you are more consistent the weight will just start melting off and you will be impressed with yourself.

Lifting Weights Over Cardio

It's a popular belief that an hour on the elliptical is going to make you lose weight. I am calling it a myth. When you go to the gym, whether you are a guy or a girl you should focus on lifting weights.

If you would like help creating a plan you can checkout my custom bodybuilding programs and I can help you create your own workout plan just for you or you can go check out my workout page to get some ideas on what to hit in the gym.

Muscle requires a lot of calories to keep running so by building muscle you will be burning more calories all the time. So with that said when you go to the gym you need to have your workouts focused on an intense weight lifting regimen and maybe a little bit of cardio if you have spare time. This will help you lose weight quicker and you will be more toned. It's a win win situation.

It's Easier Than You Think

It's simple just be consistent with your workouts and your diet. Form habits that will help you out and not only will you be able to get that weight off but you will be able to keep it off. Focus on weight lifting to help you build that muscle so that you're constantly burning more calories. Doing these simple things consistently will help you see lasting results. I guarantee it!

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