1st Phorm Megawatt V2:
Watt's the Big Deal??

megawatt v2 1st phorm pre-workoutMegawatt V2 gives you everything you need to kill it in the gym, especially on the days you're lacking in motivation.

Megawatt V2 is 1st Phorm's most popular pre-workout. It's also the one that I use most frequently at the moment. I really enjoy it for the most part and I feel it gives me plenty of energy for my workouts and enhances the pump.

I'm going to be honest with you and say that I don't take a full scoop because when I do I feel jittery through out the day. In other words it's pretty strong. I mean I'm 6'2" 220lbs and it makes me feel that way.

I take half a scoop and it gives me plenty of energy for my workouts. Even early in the morning it wakes me up just enough but not enough to make me feel jittery through out the day.

Megawatt V2 Benefits

The taste is good! Very good. I use the fruit punch flavor right now and I have no problem drinking it. Usually in the morning, after just waking up, I have a bad gag reflex and am extremely sensitive to what I eat but I have no problem throwing this down first thing in the morning.

It wakes me up with in 30 min and I have a great workout following that. Plus it doesn't make me crash later in the day like you get from a lot of energy drinks.

It's also pretty cost effective compared to other pre workouts I've tried. Especially if you only take half a scoop per work out then it really seems to last forever.

Downsides of Megawatt V2

The only thing that I can think of is how strong it is. Which kind of seems like a good problem in my opinion.

If you take a full scoop of Megawatt V2 you might have problems feeling jittery through out the day and just kind of weird and nauseated in general. I don't like to feel like that so that's why I opt out for only half a scoop.

It also could do with the fact that I'm taking it on an empty stomach but I've experimented with it for a couple months now and I've taken it with food in my stomach and I still had the same problem when I took a full scoop.

Since it is so strong I would not advise taking it late in the afternoon. I know that if I take it in the afternoon I'm screwed that night as far as going to sleep goes. Even just half a scoop seems to keep me up way later than I would like to be.

Overall 2 Thumbs Up

I really like this pre-workout! It works great and the benefits definitely out weigh the cost of it.

The only way you're going to know for yourself is if you try it for yourself! Go invest in it, try it for a little bit, and tell me how it works for you!

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