Muscletech NitroTech Whey Isolate:
Does it Really Boost Your Gains?

Muscletech NitrotechMuscletech NitroTech supplies you with everything that you need to put on some serious muscle!

Muscletech NitroTech Whey Isolate protein powder takes out all the stops and adds everything they can to help you achieve maximum gains in a post workout shake. Personally I think they did a great job when it comes to price, taste, mixability and performance. Muscletech has been in the industry forever and have done a considerable job fine tuning their products to give you everything you need and nothing you don't. Read on to find out what makes this protein so great and why you should try it!


Taste is important when it comes to protein powders because you don't want a shake that you have to choke down every single time after a workout. Muscletech NitroTech did a great job here. I have the cookies and cream flavor and it is super good! I'd be willing to say that it is one of the best protein shakes I've tried as far as flavor goes. It's extremely smooth and makes you feel refreshed after a hard workout.


They did a fairly good job here. Muscletech NitroTech Whey Isolate is a fairly smooth shake. The first time I tried it there was quite a few clumps but nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to protein shakes. I mix mine with water by the way so that may have some affect on it. The second and every other time I have mixed it there have been even fewer clumps! I add a little extra water to it to help out with that. Keep in mind that I just use a blender bottle to mix my protein and there's still very few clumps so that is very impressive. Job well done Muscletech.


A lot of protein powders I have tried have caused me to seriously bloat and have bad stomach issues through out the day. NitroTech is different. I feel great through out the day and there is no feeling of being bloated at any point after I take it.

Since it has plenty of BCAA's and glutamine it helps aid in quicker recovery than other protein powders that I have tried. It's also whey isolate which means it is a quick digesting protein and it gets to your muscles quicker than whey concentrate. Overall I'm pleased with the performance of this protein and I feel that I'm not as sore for my next workout.


Another great upside of NitroTech is that is fairly cheap for all that you get. It's not a supplement that is going to break your bank which is something I look for considering I'm trying to get through college and don't have a ton of extra funds to spend on expensive supplements. You get more than what you pay for with this protein for sure!

Should You Buy Muscletech NitroTech?

It has my seal of approval! I think that you should try it out for yourself. There are plenty of benefits to it with very few negative things about it. It taste good, mixes well, performs great and isn't priced to high. Go ahead and click the links below to try it out for yourself!

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