Post Workout Supplements:
The 2 Most Important

post workout supplementsWhen it comes to post workout supplements you do not want to cut corners!

There are so many advertised post workout supplements out there that if you took all of them you would end up spending an hour outside of the gym just mixing up different powders and shakes. It's more simple than that.

There are 2 supplements that you need to make sure you get your hands on directly after a good workout. The first one is a whey protein isolate. The second one is a simple carbohydrate that you can add to the first.

Why Whey Protein Isolate?

Whey protein isolate is part of the post workout supplements because of how quickly it is digested and absorbed into your body. After an intense workout your body is dying for nutrients, especially protein. You just broke down a lot of muscle fibers and now your body needs to repair them, and it needs protein to do that.

If you'd like to know more information about what exactly whey protein isolate is you can check out this link.


The second of the supplements is a carbohydrate that you can add to your post workout shake.

The reason for a post workout carbohydrate is because when you workout and break down your muscles, the energy used is glycogen. You need to replenish those glycogen stores as quick as possible after your workout. The way you do this is by introducing an easily digested carbohydrate into your post workout shake.

Another reason is the insulin spike you get from the carbs. Insulin is key in building muscle because it pulls the nutrients into your muscles quicker. By taking a post workout carbohydrates you are creating that spike in insulin which will allow all those nutrients from the protein to be quickly absorbed into your muscles.

When Should You Take Your Post Workout Supplements?

There is a lot of debate on this topic. Some people say you have to take it with in 30 minutes of your workout or all chance for growing muscle is lost. Others say it's not that crucial but just that you take it at some point in the day.

You should definitely take it as quick as you can after your workout. That means you can bring a shaker with your post workout supplements ready to go to the gym or if you live close enough you can just run home real quick and prepare it.

You're muscles are like a sponge after you workout and will soak up all the nutrients you feed it so it's the best time to introduce a lot of high quality nutrients to them. This will ensure that you are doing everything you can to help your muscles repair themselves and grow.

Supplement Suggestions

If you would like to know which kind of proteins and carbohydrates I've tried you can go check out my review page and see what sounds right for you. Not all of them I have reviewed are whey protein isolates so make sure that it is in fact a whey protein isolate you are looking at.

As far as post workout carbohydrates go, there are not that many on the market. Right now I am using Universal's Carbo Plus and it does a great job. 1st Phorm also has a product called ignition that is a post workout carbohydrate mix.

Go check these out and try them for yourself! I hope this has been helpful!!

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