Redcon1 Total War:
Are you ready to go to war in the gym?

redcon1 total warReady to go to war in the gym??

Not going to lie I have not heard much about Redcon1 Total War but it started popping up all over Facebook so I thought I'd give it a try for my next pre-workout.

Let's just say I was not disappointed with the results. It definitely has it's ups and downs just like anything I take but overall I am very happy with it.

Taste Test

I'm going to be honest with you and say I hate the test of Redcon1 Total War. It is not a pleasant thing to have to drink in the morning. Although it does help me wake up even a little bit more, having to choke it down.

Now I got the pineapple juice flavor and that is where I might have gone wrong. Maybe some of the more generic flavors would have tasted better.

I think the main problem I have with the taste is the N.O. compounds it has in it. It gives it a fizzy carbonated taste that just doesn't taste good going down.

Effects of Redcon1 Total War

When I tried Total War the first morning and tasted it, I was thinking it was going to be terrible and it was going to ruin my workout but the opposite happened. I had an amazing workout. The pump was insane and I had plenty of energy.

I thought maybe it was just a good day but then the same thing happened the same day. Another amazing workout with an amazing pump.

It does not make me all jittery either, nor does my skin feel like it's going to burn off. I feel focused and energized without feeling shaky. The pump was also a lot more intense than with other pre workouts I have tried in the past.

Should You Buy?

It's not the cheapest pre workout on the market but it's not terrible either. You are getting what you pay for and then some in my opinion.

I would say invest in it. It is a very strong pre workout so a half scoop would go a long way as well. It may taste terrible but I definitely think the performance of Redcon1 Total War out weighs how bad it taste but a substantial amount.

Go try it out (Click on photos above to buy) and tell me what you think! I do not think you will be disappointed of how good of a workout you have after taking it!

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