Muscletech Vapor X5:
Vaporize the Competition?

Muscletech Vapor X5 preworkoutMuscletech Vapor X5 hold up to all the other preworkouts?

Vapor X5 is Muscletech's next gen preworkout. How does it compare to the rest of the preworkouts? Great question. What does the X5 mean and why vapor? Also great questions. I will be able to answer the first but as to the second I have no idea.

The hard truth about trying a bunch of preworkouts out is you find out they all start to be pretty similar. It gets harder to differentiate between them and even remember what ones made you feel a certain way. So let's see if I can get across how this one is different from the rest of the others.


If I have to pick one area where Muscletech set their preworkout apart from the rest, it's in the taste department. I have not come across many flavors of preworkout that I have enjoyed. Fruit punch is always a safe bet but that gets boring quick so this time I went with cotton candy.

By far this is the best tasting preworkout/supplement in general that I have ever tried. It actually taste like cotton candy and there's no harsh or lingering after taste. It goes down nicely and is enjoyable the whole time.

Now is the most important part of the preworkout to do amazing in? No, but it's nice to have a drink that doesn't make you want to vomit. Therefore I rank this one at the top as far as taste goes.


The other far more important aspect of any preworkout is how it performs. Now I'm going to warn you that this performs very similarly to other preworkouts. There's nothing that made my workout super good with this. It works good and gets the job done for sure but it's not gonna make your jaw drop.

One thing I like about this supplement is that it comes with creatine in it. Not as much as I'd like but it has 1.5g per serving. I like that because it's annoying having to take creatine as a separate supplement.

Something this preworkout does that I'm not a fan of is that instead of Citrulline they put just straight Arginine in it. The problem with that is that Arginine is harder on the body than Citrulline is. Although you're getting the same effects I prefer the one that is easier on your body.

It's got most things you need in a preworkout so it's definitely got you covered in general. Like I said overall it works well and it will give you a good workout. It's nothing special but it's definitely not bad.

Invest in Vapor X5 or Naw?

It's fairly cheap so you won't be losing money on it. It also taste really freaking good so that's a huge plus. It also works fairly good.

So yes I think it would be a good use for your money. Especially if you're just starting out, this stuff isn't so strong that it's gonna make your heart jump out of your chest.

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